Thursday, April 5, 2018 – Reynolds Alumni Ctr.

2012 J.W. Burch Award: William Justin Sexten

William Justin Sexten

“Justin Sexten has made an impact by developing relationships with the nutrition and extension faculty,” said Rod Geisert, professor of animal sciences. “His willingness to establish collaborative research programs with Drs. Monty Kerley, Dave Patterson and Bob Weaber has enhanced the production efficiency of beef producers. His work to develop practical and cost effective feeding and management practices for beef production is truly timely given the rapid changes that are occurring in the beef industry today.”

“Justin initiated a 2020 Pasture Program with the state forage specialist to improve the use and efficiency of pasture for beef cattle,” said Rex Ricketts, director of the MU Extension Commercial Agriculture Program. “This program helps farmers determine need and timing of fertilization. The grazing wedge is a budgeting tool that has been developed to maximize pasture efficiency. Justin is expanding the 2020 Pasture Program in conjunction with a recently awarded NCR-SARE grant to demonstrate grazing wedge use on producer operations.”

“Justin is sharp, stays current with the science of beef nutrition and keeps both feet firmly planted in the commercial realities of beef cattle production,” wrote Joe Horner, beef and dairy economist. “In Missouri, with 54,000 mostly small beef cow-calf operations, understanding the motivations of people is critical to being accepted and having an impact as an extension professional. Justin connects with these beef producers. He has a charismatic presentation style and inborn kindness that allows him to strongly challenge people without making them mad. Our regional Extension livestock specialists like to have him present at events because he wakes up producers and make them think.”

Justin has initiated applied research programs targeting alternative weaning management systems, pasture supplementation, and restricted forage access for program feeding systems. Since 2004, he has conducted 219 meetings with attendance in excess of 14,000 producers and youth. He has secured $262,319 in external and internal funding as the Project Investigator.

—Rex Ricketts, director of the MU Extension Commercial Agriculture Program