April 11, 2019 – Reynolds Alumni Ctr.

2018 Brady J. Deaton Fellow in International Agriculture: Teng Teeh Lim

Teng Teeh Lim

Teng Teeh Lim has been a professor at the University of Missouri since 2009, first serving as an assistant professor, before being named an associate professor of Food Systems and Bioengineering in 2014. Lim has published more than 30 journal articles, and has been part of several peer-reviewed proceedings, extension guides, and symposium or conference proceedings.

Lim works with regional livestock specialists, producers and the livestock industry to develop practical management for livestock and poultry manure, as well as environmental quality control. Lim's focus is on developing and improving manure management and treatment through emission evaluation and modeling, odor control technologies and odor setback distances.

Lim has received more than 20 grants, serving as the principal investigator for the majority of those projects. He has received numerous awards, including the Ronald J. Turner Global Education Award. He has been a member of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers since 1993.

"Dr. Lim strives to utilize available chances to enhance the University of Missouri name at the international level," said Robert Broz, extension assistant professor, extension agricultural engineering. "He serves on the College of Agriculture International Program (CIP) committee and works closely with many colleagues who have global collaboration, including University of Missouri's Asian Affairs Center. He is a recipient of the CIP Incentive Fund, and has traveled with colleagues to Costa Rica to enhance the knowledge exchange platform between MU and UCR Guanacaste campus."

Dr. Lim's international background and interests have helped bring MU's educational effort to many international regions. Dr. Lim has traveled extensively in international locations providing workshops and presentations, including China, Turkey, Costa Rica and Spain. Teng Lim is an active board member of the International Research Center for Animal Environment and Welfare, which was established in 2011 and has representation from 10 international countries.

Robert Broz, Extension Assistant Professor, Extension Agricultural Engineering