Thursday, April 5, 2018 – Reynolds Alumni Ctr.

2017 Dana Brown Haynes Service Award: Brad S. Fresenburg

Brad S. Fresenburg

Brad Fresenburg received four degrees from the University of Missouri — B.S. Ag ‘76, M.S. Agronomy ‘80, MBA ‘90 and Ph.D. Agronomy ‘10.

Fresenburg has conducted turf research since he joined Mizzou as a research specialist in 1987. Along with his research, Fresenburg has a passion for mentoring students and working as an extension specialist. He has numerous professional accomplishments and has built long-lasting relationships.

Fresenburg works hard to keep in touch with his former students. He acts as a mentor to those former students, as well as a friend. Many of his students have followed in his footsteps and went on to careers in turf management. Teamwork is a priority for Fresenburg, too, as he coordinates training sessions and programs for colleagues.

“Dr. Brad Fresenburg is all of these things: a behind the scenes motivator who trains knowledgeable turf managers, giving all he can to a state and to students while never asking anything in return but your very best effort,” said Chad Follis, associate professor, Mineral Area College. “I cannot explain fully the impact he has made on my life and future. I would be a radically different person and professional without having him as a friend and mentor!”

As a former student of Dr. Fresenburg’s at the University of Missouri, it is safe to say he made a deep and lasting impact on me. As a professor in the plant science program, he made each and every class period fun, exciting and entertaining. Through real-world experiences, his diligence in the field, and his personable approach with his students, he created an educational experience far greater than anything I had imagined. I truly looked forward to the opportunity to soak up anything I could, in every situation, from Dr. Fresenburg.

Alex Politte, assistant head groundskeeper, Oklahoma State University