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Going Global (Virtually)

Go Global! campaign preparing students for future study abroad experiences and virtual internships

Being adaptable is a major role for a director of study abroad at a university. Directors deal with program changes, passports that need updated at the last minute and students who miss their flights, among with many other important matters. Shanon Dickerson understands that serving as CAFNR director of study abroad requires her to think outside of the box quite…

An International Explorer

Shanon Dickerson encourages students to see the world

Sitting in an economics class as a business major at Illinois College, Shanon Dickerson wanted to be just about anywhere else in the world. Little did she know that international travel would soon become a massive part of her life and, eventually, her career. Dickerson switched her major from business to Spanish, and quickly fell in love with the opportunities…

Making a Broader Impact

MU faculty, staff, graduate students and post-doctoral fellows share their research in China

University of Missouri graduate students Shannon King and Rachel Owen spent the first Sunday of November in Baltimore speaking to a room full of Global Plant Council members and guests about the importance of science communication – especially for graduate students who are beginning their scientific careers. King and Owen shared their experiences from a recent international trip in August,…