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Leafy Alliance

Mark Coggeshall and partners bring a tree to market

Mark Coggeshall has brought a new tree to market with the help of a few friends.

Fighting Oxidative Stress

New molecule could create treatments for cancer, Alzheimer's

Mizzou investigators have discovered a molecule that treats oxidative stress, which is linked to cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Safer Crossings

Crosswalk design increases pedestrian safety, study shows

A signalized pedestrian crosswalk and 400-ft. long median in Columbia, Mo. that replaced an elevated footbridge has increased pedestrian safety.

Wine and Women

Group seeks to increase women's participation in wine industry

The Women’s Viticulture & Enology Network is aimed at connecting women interested in the fields of viticulture and wine making.

Social Mizzou Weather

Tweets and posts keep followers updated on forecasts

There’s a new alternative to keep you apprised of what’s happening outside.

A New Tool for Agriculture

CAFNR iPhone app connects users to Mizzou

The new CAFNR smart phone app features stories, highlights events, showcases CAFNR’s Agricultural Research Centers and provides users a way to easily connect to the college’s social media accounts.

Ride of His Life

AgrAbility helps injured horse trainer return to the saddle

Mizzou’s AgrAbility project connects injured farmers and ranchers with resources so that they can remain on the farm or in the saddle.

Dangerous to be Young

'Teenage' songbirds experience high mortality due to many causes

Nearly one-third of songbird species across North America are experiencing long-term declines.

Going Native

Study looks to find which native species performs best to help crop yields

Study at Bradford Research Center looks to find which native species performs best to help crop yields.

Better First Contact

Project hopes to save isolated Amazon groups from extinction

Amazonian indigenous peoples are often devastated by their first contact with the modern world, but can rebound in population within a decade if they survive the initial meeting.