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Fueling the future

The Center for Agroforestry helps a biobased economy take root in the Midwest

Shibu Jose, director of MU’s Center for Agroforestry, envisions a 10-state biomass corridor that could fuel economic growth, power vehicles and jet planes and provide valuable ecosystem services throughout the region.

There’ll Be an App for That

Handling heat stress in livestock will soon be as close as your smartphone

A CAFNR team spanning multiple disciplines is collaborating with journalism and computer science students to develop a simple smartphone app to help producers reduce heat stress in production animals.

Happy Holidays, Indeed!

Faculty and staff worked together to make the holidays merrier for others

CAFNR folk took Collaborating for the Greater Good to a whole different level at the holidays. Efforts around the College focused on helping the less fortunate – all while injecting that signature CAFNR creativity and camaraderie!