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Academic Co-Stars

Mizzou and the College of Ag merged briefly - to everyone's anger

In 1885, in a move that newspapers of the day decried as a cynical grab for Morrill Act money, University of Missouri President Samuel Laws merged Mizzou with the supposedly separate new College of Agriculture and Mechanical Arts to create the Missouri Agricultural College and University. The union, which survived only a few months, triggered angry outbursts by students, heated newspaper editorials…

How Mizzou Got Ag

In 1862 a college of agriculture here was no sure thing

It’s taken for granted today that the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources should be part of the University of Missouri. In the days when Missouri was struggling to recover from the Civil War and had no ag college, this was no cut-and-dried proposition.

Border Ruffian Savant

MU's first Dean of Agriculture was no stranger to controversy

If George Clinton Swallow harvested anything, it was controversy.

From the Soil, Medicine

Sanborn Field helped develop an antibiotic from the ground up

For a century and a quarter, Sanborn has yielded scientific information about the health and best use of Missouri soils, soil erosion, fertilizer run-off, crop rotation, and best methods to recover exhausted soils.

MU’s 1946 Housing Crisis

When enrollment jumped three-fold, barracks were brought in

In October 1946,10,585 students poured onto the MU campus – a jump from just 2,800 enrolled students in September 1945. To meet this influx of students, Mizzou got anything that could immediately serve as a dormitory or classroom – surplus barracks, pre-fab houses, Quonset huts and government-owned trailers.

CAFNR’s Mack Truck

World War I truck promoted a soil erosion program

Mike Vangel, father of Tracie Vangel, administrative assistant in CAFNR’s Division of Applied Social Sciences, found this old photo of a truck once owned by the Missouri College of Agriculture and promoting something called the Clover and Prosperity project.

Cows on the Lawn

Eckles Hall was a big boost to Missouri’s dairy industry

Eckles Hall represented a huge investment by the Missouri Legislature to boost Missouri’s agricultural economy through dairy teaching and research. Where students now walk, some of the most productive cows in the world once grazed.

Deep Roots

CAFNR's Colorful Wine History

Wine is back in Missouri.  Vineyards plowed under during Prohibition are blooming again.  The state’s wineries are winning international competitions.  Viticulture, enology and winemaking are popular courses at the Institute for Continental Climate Viticulture and Enology at the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources at the University of Missouri. It’s all but forgotten that grape growing and wine making…

No Men Upstairs

Delayed by World War II, Gentry Hall was a cherished residence hall

Today, men climb the stairs of Gentry Hall without a second thought. In the days when Corvettes had whitewalls and co-eds wore bobby socks, a man on the second floor of Gentry would have created screams.

A Concrete Pedigree

A bit of Boss Tom's history lives in the Ag Building

With its drab façade, Mizzou’s Agriculture Building is easy to pass by. However, unknown to most, the building has an indirect connection to an unsavory part of Kansas City history. It was designed by a frequent architect of one of the most notorious political bosses of the 1930s.