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Charting their path

Atmospheric Science at Mizzou celebrates 75th anniversary

Whether it’s a warm, sunny morning, ominous rumbles and dark skies signaling an approaching storm, or quiet snowflakes in winter, weather is an ever-changing companion that touches the lives of every person. Thinking about all the ways weather impacts our daily lives, it’s only fitting that a significant milestone gets its day in the sun as Atmospheric Science at Mizzou…

Remembering the Legacy of Dr. William Danforth

Dr. Danforth helped build partnerships that have strengthened the field of plant sciences in Missouri and beyond

The passing of William H. “Bill” Danforth, M.D., last week at age 94 brought to the spotlight his work in academic administration, medicine and science, and outreach in the St. Louis area. His contributions also can be felt here at the University of Missouri. Dr. Danforth, chancellor emeritus of Washington University, was the founding chairman of the Donald Danforth Plant…

History in Bloom

MU Woodland and Floral Gardens marks 40th anniversary

Successful efforts by a handful of energetic horticulture students in the late 1970s led to the planning and execution of an ambitious garden project located next to MU’s Agriculture Building. The space was dedicated as the Woodland and Floral Gardens in April 1980. A public celebration to mark the garden’s 40th anniversary and rededicate what remains of the original landscape…

A Culture of Collaboration

World-renowned interdisciplinary plant biology research at Mizzou gets a big boost from new $28.2 million plant growth facility

For nearly 150 years, scientists from the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources at the University of Missouri have contributed to advancements around the globe. Many have heard the story of Charles Valentine Riley, an MU professor and Missouri’s first state entomologist, who saved the French wine industry from decimation by an insect, the grape phylloxera. The aphid had…

60 Years of Advice

SNR Advisory Council is invaluable asset to School

What exactly does an Advisory Council do? If we look at the dictionary definition: “offering suggestions about the best course of action to someone”; “recommend”, or, “inform (someone) about a fact or situation, typically in a formal or official way”. The School of Natural Resources Advisory Council has done all of that and more. As the Advisory Council nears celebrating…

All in the Family

CAFNR graduate celebrates 200th anniversary, history of family farm in mid-Missouri

Everything in John Clay’s office has a story. In one corner, there’s the dictionary that dates back to 1934 that was used primarily for Scrabble word challenges by his great aunts and uncles. “It looked this new when I was a baby,” Clay quips of the giant book that rests on a stand that was once in the foyer of…

Looking Back 40 Years — And Beyond

MU Department of Biochemistry celebrates, reflects on its colorful history of serving as bridge between CAFNR, School of Medicine

https://vimeo.com/180361006/9240241033 It began 40 years ago with what could best be called a “grand experiment.” For decades, faculty at the University of Missouri’s Department of Biochemistry had one collective goal — to study life at the molecular level — but were in two separate units, one housed in the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources under the name agricultural chemistry and…

A Craving for Research

Endowment fund honors retired professor while also supporting food science graduate students

Without flavor research, life would be bland. “Everything hinges upon the flavor in food. If it doesn’t taste good, no one eats it. So the more we can do to understand what makes things taste good, the better the products are going to be,” said Richard Lane, president of Meridian Flavors and former student of Milton Bailey. Lane and former…

CAFNR Barnwarming

A College of Agriculture tradition for 100 years

CAFNR’s Barnwarming was an annual party for 100 years.

Computers Come to CAFNR

Educational pioneers take on digital service and research

CAFNR had a hand in the first MU computer, and was a pioneer in its role in research.