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Little Bean, Big Money

CAFNR research boosts productivity in a $3 billion industry

The soybean is just a humble legume wrapped in a funny pod. Hold one in your hand and its distinctive markings seem to grin at you. These beans are happy because they’re worth a bundle – more than $33 billion nationally in 2010 and almost $3 billion in Missouri alone.

New Resources

Educational Technology Unit helps faculty take first digital step

Video Platform Video Management Video Solutions Video Player If you’re having trouble viewing the video, view it…

Hey Dr. Gruen, can I eat a 20-year-old chocolate bar?

CAFNR faculty know how to respond when a reporter from a traditional media outlet like the New York Times or CNBC call.  What do you do when you get a request from something called Deadspin? And what do you say when the writer wants to know if you can eat a 20-year-old chocolate bar? Ingolf Gruen, program chair of Food…

Randy Races the Extra Mile

To keep up with Indy Car

Randy Miles’ passion for IndyCar racing is well known among his colleagues at CAFNR. “The big day of the Indy 500 race is my personal Christmas,” Miles said with a laugh. The Indiana native has been into IndyCar his whole life. He grew up only about 40 miles west of the track, near Crawfordsville, Indiana. Miles is an associate professor…

CAFNR Floats Your Boat

One was shaped like a picnic basket. Another was built to look like a gray Stealth bomber. Still another was constructed to resemble a submarine. Then there was the one with a giant dog head, complete with wagging tail and flapping tongue. They shared one thing – they were all made of cardboard and duct tape and raced in the…

A Heavy Award

CDC recognizes CARES for innovative obesity prevention

Christopher Fulcher, Co-Director of the Center for Applied Research and Environmental Systems (CARES) in the Division of Applied Social Sciences at CAFNR, received the Weight of the Nation 2012 Pioneering Innovation Award by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. He received the award on behalf of his center’s work with Community Commons, a website that collects data on health…

Boots on the Green

Jerry Hitzhusen collaborates to bring golf to veterans young and old

Jerry Hitzhusen, associate professor of Parks, Recreation and Tourism, strives for inclusion through Boots on the Green golf program for veterans.

The Vernal Sojourn

CAFNR faculty, staff and students explore the Baskett Wildlife Research and Education Center

They’re not blazing a trail of exploration á la Lewis and Clark, but they are keen observers, and their hiking tradition has not only fulfilled their desire to take in the sights, sounds and smells of the forest, it’s also led to research projects, teaching ideas and forest management strategies.