CAFNR Submission for NAADA: CAFNR Celebrates Black History Month 2022

Publications and Projects Competition | Division: Multimedia | Social Media

Logan Jackson, student success news strategist, interviewed five Black students in the Mizzou College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (CAFNR) to celebrate Black History Month during February 2022.

These stories formed a monthlong social media campaign on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, culminating in a post celebrating the first recipient of the Henry Kirklin Memorial Scholarship. The Kirklin Scholarship launched February 2021, honoring Henry Kirklin as University of Missouri’s first Black teacher.


  • Reach: 21,241
  • Likes and reactions: 690
  • Shares: 63

The response to this social media campaign was very high for our social accounts. For example, the Instagram post about Isaiah Massey reached more people than 96% of our 50 most recent Instagram posts and stories.

Building Goodwill With Future Alumni

This campaign mattered to the featured students and they shared the college posts on their own personal social media.


Brittney social media post