Excellent references often “seal the deal” and result in you getting an offer. Follow these suggestions to be sure that your references are excellent!

  • Ask three to five people if they feel comfortable providing a positive recommendation.
  • Ask people who can directly address your qualifications for the position(s) you seek.
  • List your references on a separate page from your resume. Include referencesРІР‚в„ў titles, phone numbers and email addresses. Although it is unlikely that anyone would take a reference by email, this is a way to set up an appointment with a busy supervisor or professor. Include your contact information on the reference sheet.
  • Provide your references with an idea of the positions you seek and a copy of your resume. References provide stronger recommendations when able to list specific examples.
  • Thank your references!
  • Keep your references informed as your job search progresses. Let them know when you interview and when to expect a phone call from the hiring manager. Celebrate with them when you accept a position.