Job Offers and Negotiation

You’ve been offered a job. Great! Now you have to decide if it fits. The following list identifies some of the factors to consider before you accept:

  • Salary/Compensation. Determine a range based on market research, your education and experience. Your range should start with the minimum figure acceptable and go somewhat higher than your desired figure. Benefits and other compensations should also be defined.

What is your salary range? Based on data from:

  • Career field/industry. Look at the history of growth, the future needs and trends.
  • Organization/company. Consider the culture of the organization, reputation, management and financial stability.
  • Position/job. Take a close look at the reason for the vacancy, training programs, job description and opportunities for advancement.
  • Supervisor/co-workers. Are you comfortable with the staff? Consider the organizational chart and the relationships between the boss and your colleagues.
  • General lifestyle. The geographical location is an important consideration. Look at the opportunities for recreation, culture and education.

How to Evaluate an Employer

  • Consider using How To Evaluate An Employer (PDF) when evaluating an employer.
  • The handout contains a number of factors that you may want to consider before accepting a job offer.
  • Feel free to make an appointment with CAFNR Career Services by going to MU Connect should you want to have a face-to-face conversation about a job offer or salary negotiation.

Making the Decision

Go back to your original goal. Look at your priorities. Do you still agree with these priorities, or have they changed during your job search? Is this job a fit?

If all matches, then go for it…and celebrate your hard work!