Interviewing: Write a Thank-You

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You should write a thank you note to:

  1. Demonstrate that you are a careful, sincere individual with good follow-through.
  2. Serve as an opportunity to again present your name.
  3. Reiterate your most important qualifications!

Handwritten or Electronic?

Allow the formality of your interaction, the decision timeline, and the legibility of your handwriting to determine whether your note is emailed or handwritten.

  • If a hiring decision is imminent, email may be the only way to reach the employer on time.
  • Email a note of thanks immediately following your interaction, particularly if you have used e-mail to correspond in the past. Following an email message with a handwritten card increases the likelihood that your message is noticed.
  • If you handwrite your note, use professional-looking stationary. White (or another neutral color) embossed cards are always safe.
  • Unsure of which method would work best for the employer you are pursuing? Ask. Increasingly, the reply will be, “Electronically!”

Note: Treat thank-you notes with great care. No grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors!

Example email:

Dr. Smith, Thank you for visiting with me yesterday about internships at Environmental Industries. After our discussion, I am even more excited about working with you this summer. You mentioned that you would be adding some environmental assessments to the initial client intake meeting. My experience in the biochemistry courses and laboratories would be excellent preparation for the type of detailed, scientific analyses these would require. I would enjoy learning about this part of the environmental consulting field and supporting your service expansion. I look forward to hearing from you in a couple of weeks. Sincerely, Sara Smith