Job Shadow

Reading job descriptions and talking about options isn’t enough. You need to experience career options! Job shadowing, spending time with a professional in your career interest area, can be an excellent way to affirm a good fit. Develop knowledge of what you need to succeed and begin your professional network.

Tips to make the most of your experience:

  1. Share your goals with the professional(s) you will be meeting. If everyone knows what you hope to accomplish, they will likely work hard to help you be successful.
  2. Ask about expectations-especially in terms of the schedule and appropriate attire. Does a tour require that you be in pants and closed toe shoes? Does everyone wear ties to the meeting you’ll be attending?
  3. Do your homework. Show up with knowledge of the company and position(s). Have a few questions prepared.
  4. Ask for feedback. Review what you learned and ask for feedback on next steps like internships.
  5. Say thanks! Enjoyed your job shadow? Seek opportunities, like research or internships‚to get more involved. No? Try something different.