Enhance Your Degree & Career Opportunities

Academic Success Checklist

  • Choose the emphasis or focus area in which I am most interested.
  • Submit an official graduation plan (aka course program for graduation). Must be completed once I have earned 75 credit hours. (See my advisor for a template specific to my degree program.)
  • Identify minors or certificates of interest. CAFNR minors can be found here. Other MU minors and certificates can be found here. To apply for a CAFNR minor, please completed the online application.
  • Determine courses and opportunities to add value to my degree. Options include, but are not limited to: Student Organizations, Study Abroad, Research, Internships, Part-time Employment, Graduate Programs and Honors Programs.
  • Complete the returning student scholarship application and FAFSA to be eligible for financial aid and need-based scholarships.

Career Building Checklist

  • Build my network by continuing to attend the career fairs, employer panels, etc. View events on Handshake.
  • Continue my involvement in student organizations. Take on leadership role(s).
  • Update resume and LinkedIn account with experiences gained over the semester or over break.
  • Schedule a mock interview with CAFNR Career Services via MU Connect to improve my interviewing skills.
  • Research potential employers on Handshake.
  • Identify and contact faculty or staff to write letters of recommendation.
  • Apply for summer internships and/or undergraduate research opportunities.
  • Sign up for on-campus interviews.
  • Begin to consider options for graduation: graduate school, military service or full-time employment.
  • Develop an effective job search strategy.
  • Make contact with potential grad school mentors.