Outstanding Staff Award

Staff recognition award recipients must demonstrate outstanding ability and performance in productivity, quality of work, congeniality, judgment, dependability, initiative, leadership and dedication to the mission and values of the College.

Staff and faculty may nominate any employee in the College, if the employee meets the following guidelines:

  • Nominees must have at least 6 months of continuous service and hold at least a 75 percent appointment paid by or serving in a division of the College. Nominees must be non-academic staff members.
  • Prior nominees are eligible for nomination. Previous award winners, who have received the award within the last five years, are not eligible for nomination.
  • Members of the CAFNR Staff Advisory Council may not submit nominations and are not eligible for the award during their tenure on the council. A list of the current staff council members can be found on the Staff Council Website.

Nominations & Submissions

Annual Deadline: March 1

Submit nominations in a single PDF attachment via email to Secley Kennedy at kennedyse@missouri.edu. Name the file as: Year_StaffAward_LastFirstName (e.g., 2022_StaffAward_TigerTruman). In the email subject line indicate Staff Recognition Award Nomination.

  • Use 12 pt. font, 1” margins, and single space within paragraphs. No longer than 2 full pages in length.

Nomination packets must include:

  1. Nomination letter providing examples of the nominee’s excellence in the area(s) of job performance, teamwork, and personal qualities:
    • Job performance: examples how the nominee helps all areas of CAFNR achieve a higher level of success.
    • Teamwork: examples how the nominee shows cooperation and the ability to work in a team environment.
    • Personal qualities: examples how the nominee demonstrates excellent use of judgment, initiative, leadership and/or dependability.
  1. You may include additional nominee contributions and achievements the selection committee should consider.

Please contact Secley Kennedy at kennedyse@missouri.edu with any questions.

Recipients of the Staff Awards