Celebration of Excellence 2022

The College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources honors its outstanding faculty, staff and students each spring at the Celebration of Excellence ceremony. Celebration of Excellence 2022 was held Tuesday, April 19, at Bond Life Sciences Center. Awards were given for academic accomplishments, teaching, research, advising, service and Extension.

Outstanding CAFNR Student Awards

Outstanding Freshman: Dawn Sherman
Outstanding Sophomore: Parker Krudop
Outstanding Junior: Hannah Anderson
Outstanding Senior May 2022: Elizabeth Gunter
Outstanding Senior December 2022: Kate Thompson

Frederick B. Mumford Awards

Mumford Outstanding Faculty Award 2022: Scott Peck
Mumford Outstanding Staff Award 2021: Michelle Brooks
Mumford Outstanding Staff Award 2022: Greg Rotert

Graduate Student Awards

William R. Lamberson Distinguished Thesis: Destiny N. Johns (Advisor: Rodney Geisert)
William R. Lamberson Distinguished Dissertation: Eric Oseland (Advisor: Kevin Bradley)

Staff Award

Outstanding Staff Award: Marie Dickerson

Advising and Mentoring Awards

Outstanding Undergraduate Advisor Award 2021: Antje Heese
Outstanding Undergraduate Advisor Award 2022: Hannah Twenter
Graduate Mentor Award 2022: Rocio Rivera

Teaching Awards

Outstanding Early Career Teacher Award 2021: Robin Rotman
Outstanding Early Career Teacher Award 2022: Addison Byrne

Research Awards

Distinguished Research Award 2022: Wesley Warren
Early Investigator Research Award 2022: Michelle Segovia

J.W. Burch State Specialist Agricultural Extension Award

2021: Jordan Thomas
2022: Mallory Rahe

Roger L. Mitchell Fellow Award

2022: Felix Fritschi