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Finding the Perfect Degree

Memphis Bancroft said she has fallen in love with the food science and nutrition degree

When Memphis Bancroft made the decision to pursue a food science and nutrition degree at the University of Missouri she didn’t realize the real-world application of what she was studying would be so immediate. When Bancroft chose the degree program her mother was on a very restrictive diet due to a colon cancer diagnosis. “With the effects of surgery we…

CAFNR Advisor Spotlight: Laura Hertel

Hertel serves as an academic advisor for the environmental sciences degree program

How rewarding is it to work with students in the environmental sciences degree program? It is the most rewarding job I have ever had. I meet them as unsure teenagers who mature as people and as professionals over the years as they pursue their degrees. I can see the transition when I catch up with some of our graduates at…

Creating a Welcoming Environment

Grant allows SNR to make classroom enhancements with student health and well-being in mind

With an eye toward student health and well-being, the School of Natural Resources (SNR) and Tiger Garden teamed up last semester to create a more welcoming environment in six classrooms across the Anheuser-Busch Natural Resources (ABNR) Building. Funding for the project, which includes a variety of enhancements, was awarded through the University of Missouri Office of the Provost. A trio…

An Incredible Experience

Sophie Cunningham Classic offers sport management students a look at organizing a high-profile event

In early December, high school girls basketball teams from three states took part in the inaugural Sophie Cunningham Classic, a three-day shootout in Columbia created by women athletes for young female athletes. The Classic allowed those athletes to take center stage and allowed Cunningham to give back to the community where she dominated opponents on the court as a high…

CAFNR Advisor Spotlight: Katie Ogan (Barthel) and Laura Friedrich

Ogan and Friedrich serves as academic advisors for the agriculture degree program

Katie Ogan (Barthel) How rewarding is it to work with students in the agriculture degree program? It is very rewarding! I enjoy meeting with students with a variety of interests throughout CAFNR. We build out their concentration areas based on their interests so they can tailor the degree to their goals. I work with students interested in farm management, agritourism,…

A Tasty Experience

Food science and nutrition students spent the fall semester developing a variety of barbeque sauce flavors

A capstone course within the food science and nutrition degree program, the Food Product Development (F_S 4970) class allows students to integrate the various disciplines of food science to create new food products. Andrew Clarke, an associate professor, has taught the writing-intensive course for more than two decades – helping to lead students on a journey that begins with them…

Special Occasion Floral Design

The Special Occasion Floral Design (PLNT_SCI 3220) course is an advanced floral design class with an emphasis on sympathy design, planning and executing events, and understanding and creating working business documents.

Senior Spotlight: Remi Levinson

Levinson will graduate with a degree in hospitality management

For Remi Levinson, the hospitality management degree program at the University of Missouri offered her exactly what she was looking for. Levinson has always had an interest in planning events – and saw the hospitality management program as a great opportunity to build on that interest, as well as give her additional insights into one of the largest industries in…

Senior Spotlight: Michael McLaughlin

McLaughlin will graduate with a degree in plant sciences

Michael McLaughlin’s first visit to the University of Missouri was an unofficial one, but that’s all it took for him to realize that MU was the place he needed to be. McLaughlin, who was 14 years old at the time of the trip, was visiting his cousin and saw numerous spots across campus. It was the final stop that sold…

Senior Spotlight: Marlon Guzman

Guzman will graduate with a degree in parks, recreation and sport

Marlon Guzman hasn’t had the typical finish to his collegiate career. Guzman has spent his final semester at the University of Missouri on a different continent, participating in an internship with Wilderness Patagonia, a travel company located in Bariloche, Argentina. The internship has given Guzman an opportunity to combine his interests in natural resources, sustainability and tourism. And while the…