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Behind the Scenes

From Field Days to day-to-day operations, John Poehlmann helps keep CAFNR's 14,000 acres of research running smoothly

There’s no typical day for John Poehlmann, assistant director of the Missouri Agricultural Experiment Station

Our Most Precious Resource

Taking the long view for sustaining Missouri's soils

Peter Scharf discusses the status of Missouri’s topsoil, changes in erosion pressures and how Missouri farmers can sustain the resource for generations.

Bioengineering for Basic Needs

We cook omelets, stir-fry vegetables and boil pasta within minutes with the turn of a switch. For much of the world, cooking food is not so simple, and involves first gathering fuel to make fire — and often that fuel source is wood. It’s a problem when that wood is far from home, and when the resource isn’t replenished. Francisco…

Setting the World’s Plate

CAFNR panel discusses strategies to meet global challenges

Two billion. That’s the projected global population growth by 2050. It’s the equivalent of adding more than six times the current U.S. population to the planet. Feeding 9 billon people while conserving natural resources, improving global health and fostering greater equality were a few of the many challenges discussed at the recent Board for International Food and Agricultural Development (BIFAD)…

Breeding the Next Big Bean

Andrew Scaboo works to bring healthy, high yielding soybean varieties to Missouri fields.

In a non-descript building in central Missouri, Andrew Scaboo works to turn humble seeds into the next big beans. Glycine max, or soybeans, is Missouri’s most important crop, generating nearly $2 billion in annual revenue.

Snow Day? What Snow Day!?

Research Center faculty and staff work round the clock to take care of CAFNR's livestock

For most of us, the two massive snow storms that hit Mid-Missouri were a minor inconvenience. Once we were safely home, we could power up our computers, wrap up in a warm blanket and work comfortably. For the CAFNR faculty and staff who take care of livestock, a snow day meant something very different. They trounced through snow drifts to…

In-Between Crops

Integrated cover crops study wins Conservation Innovation Grant

Collectively known as cover crops or green manure, they’ve been used for years to increase soil productivity.

Digging Into a New Role

Leslie Touzeau leads new vegetable research project

An agricultural research center isn’t the most likely place for a psychology major, but for Leslie Touzeau, it’s a perfect fit.

Sowing Community, Growing Gardens

McKelvey leads Community Garden Coalition into 30th season

Like many folks new to community gardening, Bill McKelvey did not have a banner year in his first season.