Ag Leadership Society


The CAFNR Alumni Association has many outstanding leaders who have dedicated their time and personal resources to the leadership of the College and its Alumni Association.

In appreciation of their leadership, dedication and commitment to the College and its Alumni Association, the executive committee established the CAFNR Leadership Society. This recognizes and honors those individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to the College and the College’s Alumni Association. It is the goal of the Society to recognize CAFNR Alumni Association members, and other CAFNR graduates with induction into the Society.

The Society will honor these leaders for their dedication while encouraging their continued involvement in the Alumni Association.


The Association’s appreciation for member’s leadership and dedication will be shown with:

  • Certificate of Appreciation/Membership in the Society
  • Group photo
  • Membership Reception and Program

The reception and program will allow honorees to return to campus. They will not be asked for time or money; they will simply be recognized for their dedication and service to the College. This is our opportunity to thank these leaders for their past dedication and service while allowing us to keep them connected to the Alumni Association.