Sherry Flint-Garcia Named Alumnus of the Year by CAFNR Alumni Association

Sherry Flint-Garcia (PhD Genetics ’01), lead scientist, USDA-Agricultural Research Service Plant Genetics Unit, has received the CAFNR Alumni Association’s Alumnus of Year honor for 2022.

Sherry, who is also an adjunct professor in the Divisions of Plant Science and Technology, and Biological Sciences at Mizzou, is a world-leader in maize (corn) quantitative genetics and breeding. She, along with colleagues, developed the maize Nested Association Mapping (NAM) resource, a revolutionary advance in plant research, quantitative genetics and biology. Sherry has also worked to determine how maize adapts across latitude and to high elevation in Mexico and the Andes of South America. She has been part of numerous grants from the National Science Foundation Plant Genome Research Program (NSF PGRP).

Her lab has co-published high-profile papers in the top echelon of research journals (e.g., Science, PNAS, Nature Genetics, Nature Communications, etc.). Her expertise is highly sought after, and she has been invited to present her research across the U.S. and in multiple countries. She co-edited a book on the maize genome and has served as associate editor for two scientific journals. Sherry was co-recipient of the 2012 USDA Secretary’s Honor Award.

“Sherry is the epitome of success and is a role model, advisor, and mentor for current and future CAFNR students,” said nominator David Braun, professor and director of the Interdisciplinary Plant Group. “Through her local, national, and international leadership and service Sherry is giving back to society and earning praise for herself and MU. Sherry is most highly deserving of this award and is an outstanding alumnus of this great College, for which CAFNR should be very proud.”

This award recognizes significant contributions or accomplishments by an individual whose efforts and support have added to the excellence of the University of Missouri.