Majors and Minors


The College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (CAFNR) degree programs offer you opportunities as rich and diverse as the sciences of life themselves.

A bachelor's of science degree from CAFNR will prepare you for any number of career paths, whether that path takes you into a boardroom, a laboratory, a newsroom or a corn field. In addition to our majors, CAFNR also offers a variety of minors. Many students add even more strength to their degrees by earning a minor in a related area.

(Emphasis areas are listed below the degree name.)



Many students in CAFNR enhance their basic degrees by earning a minor in one or two additional areas. Almost every degree program in CAFNR offers a minor, and we have several minors that are not connected to a specific major (such as International Agriculture and Leadership in Agriculture). You may also earn a minor in another college or school on the MU campus, such as the College of Arts and Sciences.

To officially declare a minor, you must complete the CAFNR Designated Minor Option. This form requires you to meet with the adviser chair in the degree area from which you are earning the minor. You must obtain the signatures of both your major degree area adviser and your minor degree area adviser chair.