Your college career will be full of choices. You must decide which classes to take, which scholarships to apply for and which internships to accept, but you won't have to make these decisions alone. You will be assigned a full-time faculty member from your selected degree program who will serve as your academic adviser and mentor, providing you with guidance and advice each step along the way.

Through one-on-one interaction, your adviser will get to know you and your career ambitions and will help you tailor your college experience accordingly.

School or Division
Agricultural Economics
Agribusiness Management
Joe Parcell
143A Mumford Hall
Phone: 573-882-0870
Agricultural Education John Tummons
Assistant Professor
123 Gentry
Agricultural Systems Management Leon Schumacher
Associate Professor
207 Agricultural Engineering
Phone: 573-882-2126
Agriculture Shari Freyermuth
Assistant Dean, Academic Programs
2-64 Agriculture Building
Phone: 573-882-8301
Animal Sciences Trista Strauch
Assistant Teaching Professor
S104 Animal Sciences Bldg.
Phone: 573-884-8464
Biochemistry Shari Freyermuth
Assistant Dean
2-64 Agriculture
Phone: 573-882-8301
Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences Sarah Humfeld
Academic Advisor
302 ABNR
Food Science and Nutrition Andrew Clarke
250A Stringer Wing
Phone: 573-882-2610
Forestry Rose-Marie Muzika
203 Natural Resources
Phone: 573-882-8835
Hospitality Management Eliza Tse
Professor, Chair
118 Eckles
Phone: 573-882-4100
Parks, Recreation & Tourism Jenna Fusinatto
Academic Advisor
124 ABNR

Justin Cooks
Academic Advisor
105 ABNR
Plant Sciences Mary Ann Gowdy
Assistant Teaching Professor
1-49 Agriculture Building
Phone: 573-882-1014
Science and Agricultural Journalism Sharon Wood-Turley
Assistant Professor
112 Gentry Hall
Phone: 573-884-7863
Soil, Environmental and Atmospheric Sciences Laura Hertel
Academic Advisor
124 ABNR
Sustainable Agriculture Mary Hendrickson
Extension Associate Professor
200B Gentry Hall
Phone: 573-882-7463
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