CAFNR Web Redesign

Building a new

The current site has served us well since it launched in 2017. We are now ready to take the next step and fully integrate the CAFNR suite of sites into the Mizzou design system. Working with Mizzou Digital Service, we are focusing on enhancing the student experience, optimizing the site for accessibility and aligning the site with the six pillars of the CAFNR Strategic Plan.




  • CAFNR Marketing & Communications (CAFNR Comm) creates a web inventory and content analysis for all CAFNR websites 
  • CAFNR Comm identifies need for redesign and acquires funding 
  • CAFNR Comm signs MOU with MU Digital Service for redesign project 

Spring 2022 

  • Michelle Enger and Genevieve Howard, CAFNR Comm, meet with college leadership (deans and directors) individually to identify goals, common questions and obstacles related to the website 

Fall 2022 

  • Official Redesign Project Kick-off 
  • Discovery Phase begins
  • Milestone: approve statement of work
  • Amberly Nowak, Digital Service, works with Michelle Enger and Genevieve Howard, to conduct 20+ individual interviews; interviewees include college leadership, current students, staff, faculty, researchers, MOAES directors, industry professionals and CAFNR alumni 
  • CAFNR Comm establishes steering committee 
  • Digital Services presents UX research findings to steering committee and Dean 
  • Design Phase begins 

Spring 2023 

  • Steering committee, Dean and college leadership review redesign mockups and structure  
  • Dean approves new website design and structure  
  • Milestone: approve information architecture and visual designs

Summer 2023 

  • Web Build Phase begins, with both Digital Service and CAFNR Comm working to build new site 
  • CAFNR Comm begins story archive process

Fall 2023 

  • Web Build Phase continues 
  • Steering committee, Dean and college leadership review new site as a work in progress  
  • Milestone: all new and existing content on redesigned single site

Winter 2024

  • Launch & Support Phase
  • Milestone: Launch Day

What To Know About the Redesign

  • As a part of a campus initiative based on current web user trends, we will seek to streamline our content as much as possible
  • After launch, Google search takes about two to three weeks to reindex and find the new pages

CAFNR Web Redesign Steering Committee

  • Addison Byrne
  • Amy Moum
  • Ben Knapp
  • Catherine Peterson
  • Cindy Greenwood
  • Craig Schenck
  • Debbie Finke
  • Errin Anderson
  • Kathleen Matz
  • Kelsey Marek
  • Mackenzie Ewing
  • Samniqueka Halsey
  • Secley Kennedy

Contact Us

  • Michelle Enger, director, Office of Marketing and Communications
  • Genevieve Howard, web & social media strategist, Office of Marketing and Communications