Get to know Alba Argerich

Argerich is an assistant professor in the School of Natural Resources

What are your job duties/job responsibilities in the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources?

As an assistant professor in the School of Natural Resources, my main responsibilities are teaching and researching aquatic ecosystems. I spend a significant portion of my time in the classroom, sharing knowledge about these environments. Outside of teaching, I’m deeply involved in research, looking into ways to minimize the impact of human activities on aquatic ecosystems so we can have clean water and healthy ecosystems for the future.

How long have you worked in CAFNR?

I have been here since August 2017.

What do you enjoy about working for CAFNR/Mizzou?

I love working for CAFNR/Mizzou because of the friendly atmosphere and the diverse range of disciplines within the college and MU, making interdisciplinary research easy and enjoyable. Having federal agencies in the building is unique, and the icing on the cake is having streams, reservoirs, and rivers all around, providing plenty of research opportunities.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I really enjoy cooking (and eating!) and discovering new places. Traveling is a big passion of mine, especially when I can explore with my family—my 11-year-old, my husband, and our furry companion, our dog. It makes the whole experience even more special. Learning about new cultures along the way adds an extra layer of richness to our adventures.

What is something your co-workers/other CAFNR employees don’t know about you?

I was born in Catalonia and used to do human towers – a Catalan cultural tradition (“castells” in Catalan) – where teams of people from all ages and backgrounds come together to create human towers of six-ten levels by standing on each other’s shoulders.