CAFNR Advisor Spotlight: Shari Freyermuth

Freyermuth serves as an academic advisor for the biochemistry degree program

How rewarding is it to work with students in the biochemistry degree program?

I love working with biochemistry students. They are driven to do well and they want to make a difference both now and in their future careers. I’m amazed at how much studying, activities and work many of them can pack into one day!

How do you assist those students throughout their academic journey?

I work with students to make sure their schedules work, and we often plan ahead for all four years. They have different interests and career goals, so I take those into account when I’m suggesting classes. I also help students consider doing research and other activities that will make an impact on their education while at MU. And, sometimes I’m just a mom and listen to their concerns and help them work through some issues.

What advice would you give to high school students who are interested in pursuing a degree in biochemistry?

I would suggest that high school students take as much math and science as they can (not for dual credit, but just to get a solid background). I’d also suggest that they don’t take the easy way out in high school. The more they learn to study and manage their time in high school, the better they will do when they get to college.

What is your favorite part of serving as an academic advisor for the biochemistry degree program?

I really enjoy watching students grow from their freshman year through graduation and then getting to hear about what they will do after college. I love getting emails from alums telling me that they just got into med school or have a great new job. Our students are amazing and they are doing and will continue to do great things in the world!