CAFNR Advisor Spotlight: Katie Ogan (Barthel) and Laura Friedrich

Ogan and Friedrich serves as academic advisors for the agriculture degree program

Katie Ogan (Barthel)

How rewarding is it to work with students in the agriculture degree program?

It is very rewarding! I enjoy meeting with students with a variety of interests throughout CAFNR. We build out their concentration areas based on their interests so they can tailor the degree to their goals. I work with students interested in farm management, agritourism, entrepreneurship, sustainability and more. There are so many directions students can go with a degree in agriculture.

How do you assist those students throughout their academic journey?

I like to think of myself as a liaison for connecting students with resources that will support them in their career. While I help with graduation planning and selecting courses to reach their goals, I also connect students with the Learning Center, CAFNR Career Services, CAFNR Study Abroad, University Counseling Center and more.

Laura Friedrich

What advice would you give to high school students who are interested in pursuing a degree in agriculture?

Students should try to be open to an interdisciplinary degree like agriculture. The degree is very flexible and depending on what courses you take, the agriculture degree allows you to tailor it so it meets your academic and career goals.

What is your favorite part of serving as an academic advisor for this program?

I love to see how students put together their components to create their degree. Want to own your own business? Want to return to the family farm? Need flexibility for transfer courses? Can’t decide on one major and want to explore several different majors within the college? The agriculture degree program has been the perfect fit for all these students.