Managing Natural Resources

FSRC field day focuses on a variety of topics

With a focus on natural resources, the Forage Systems Research Center dived into a variety of timely agricultural topics during its annual field day on Tuesday, Sept. 12.

Forages, sunn hemp, pond management and timber stand improvement were among the many talks during the event. Along with local producers, several high school students from area schools were in attendance.

“Our goal is to provide useful information for our area producers,” Superintendent David Davis said. “Our researchers do a great job of promoting that research and providing great information for those in attendance.”

Murrell Enterprises, LLC was on hand during the Forage Systems Research Center field day, doing sawmill demonstrations for those in attendance.Murrell Enterprises, LLC was on hand during the Forage Systems Research Center field day, doing sawmill demonstrations for those in attendance.

FSRC, one of the University of Missouri College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources’ Agricultural Research Centers, also showed off its various partnerships. The field day featured speakers from MU Extension, Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) and the Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA).

Murrell Enterprises, LLC brought its portable sawmill and did demonstrations throughout the day.

“We’ve had sawmill demonstrations in the past, and it was nice to have it again this year,” Davis said. “The demonstration really showcases how some of those old logs can be used in woodworking projects. Most people just throw those logs onto a brush pile and burn them. This demonstration showed how those logs still have value.”

Valerie Tate and Pat Guinan from MU Extension presented on summer annual forages and temperature inversion, respectively. Alex Foster, with QDMA, presented on chronic wasting disease in deer. Rich Crowe and Thomas Huffmon from MDC also presented. Crowe discussed quail habitat and Huffmon talked about pond management.

“For the students at our field day, pond and fish management is always something of interest for them,” Davis said. “A lot of them have a pond at home or go and fish in one nearby. They have a big interest in fishing and managing those resources.”

Josh Tooley, a Mizzou graduate student in plant sciences, showcased sunn hemp research taking place at FSRC.

“Sunn hemp in generally thought of as a cover crop,” Davis said. “We’re using it as a nitrogen producer to provide nitrogen to the grass. We’re working with Missouri State University on the project, and it’s been really interesting so far.”

Christopher Daubert, CAFNR Vice Chancellor and Dean, was in attendance at the field day as well. He spoke during the free lunch after the field day. Daubert began his duties on Aug. 1.

“It was great to show him our facilities,” Davis said. “We were happy to have him in attendance.”

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