Moving Forward at Mizzou

Learn more about how MU continues its lasting legacy, making changes and progress

The fall semester at the University of Missouri brought with it friction, frustration and anger. This semester we’re committed to moving forward, stronger than ever. Along with new initiatives, there are many inspirational, impactful long-term programs that have been ongoing at the University.

We ask your help in continuing to move things forward, by sharing the notable activities and accomplishments at Mizzou and in CAFNR! Learn more about impacts and initiatives at the University of Missouri:

Money Maker

Learn how the University plays a huge role in spurring Missouri’s economy

State of Mizzou II

Ten ways Tigers are committing to Mizzou: A follow-up to the State of University Address

Insight: An Inside Look at Food, Health and the Environment

A radio program featuring the broad, impactful research at CAFNR

Facts and Pride Points

Spread the word about the great things going on in CAFNR and at Mizzou!

Bold New Mizzou

State of the University Address (Jan. 27, 2016)

See Our Value

The UM System provides a tremendous return on investment

Updates from Interim Chancellor Hank Foley

Keep current on happenings on campus