Annual Decision Time

Annual Enrollment for health insurance requires your action Oct. 19-30

It’s that time again! And this year again you will need to make a selection during Annual Enrollment for health insurance.

Annual Enrollment for all active University of Missouri faculty and staff will be Oct. 19-30 this year. Again this year, you will need to go into the system and make a selection, or be defaulted into the Healthy Savings Plan with no tobacco-free discount.

And, yes, you read that right. A tobacco-free discount is new for this year. You will need to certify your tobacco-free status every six months or revert back to the non-discounted premium. See more information at

Also new for this year is a new medical plan administrator, UnitedHealthcare, effective Jan. 1, 2016. The transition does not impact covered benefits, but there will be a few housekeeping items to be aware of. Look over the list, which includes transferring HSAs, extended coverage for ongoing health care and retiree information at

During this year’s Annual Enrollment period, faculty and staff also will have the opportunity to enroll in the university’s Long Term Disability plans without going through a physical exam or other insurance certifications (i.e., without going through underwriting). This is a unique opportunity. See more information at

Finally, information is out about the 2016 Wellness Incentive, which includes a streamlined Tier 1 with no health screening, and more ways to get healthy in Tier 2. See more information at

Back to Annual Enrollment, this is the only time of year, without a major family change such as getting married or having a baby, that we can change our health care and other enrollments at the University.

Compare options, estimate costs and look up providers online at

Town-hall meetings and one-on-ones are available to help employees make Annual Enrollment decisions, too. Find more information about those events online at

Find more information about all of the options and enroll (when enrollment opens Oct. 19!) at Note that retiree annual enrollment will be Nov. 2-13.