We Need You!

Help CAFNR by taking a follow-up survey to 2010 benchmark research

Five years ago we asked for the help of CAFNR faculty and staff, along with alumni and other key stakeholders in the College, to identify our strengths and perceptions.

Back of new CAFNR T-shirts.Back of new CAFNR T-shirts.

From that survey and subsequent focus groups, we rolled out to you our key messaging: “Collaborating for the Greater Good” as an overall vision of what we all do; and four key message areas: Evidence of Excellence, Personal Connections, Inspirational Impact and Innovative Thinking.

Working to tell the CAFNR story within these parameters has helped our College marketing and messaging to be more strong, consistent and relevant. We hope this, in turn, will lead to positive perceptions about the College of Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources at the University of Missouri. If what we say about ourselves is consistent and strong, we will look consistent and strong to the rest of the world.

Now we want to see how much we’ve moved perception of the College. We need your help with another survey. We promise this one will only take 10 minutes of your time. We “teased” it a bit at the B24U event, but it’s no joke! Your opinion is very important for this research.

Once you receive the survey (some of you may already have!), we ask that you complete it by Sept. 25. You can even be entered to win one of four $100 gift certificates to either the Mizzou Store or the CAFNR store. That’s how much we appreciate your honest feedback on our efforts!

Thanks so much for your support for our great College. We know, with the help of all of you, that we’ve made strides in the last five years. Now we can make it “official”!