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MU introduces new graphic identity standards

Mizzou is focusing efforts on new graphic identity standards and streamlining various marketing tools, working toward a more cohesive look for all of its print and digital efforts.

The CAFNR Communications office is spearheading many of these changes for our College, but there are also things you can do to help! We appreciate those of you who attended a recent workshop on the new graphic identity standards we hosted with Mizzou Creative. But we know not everyone could make it! So, new standards that might affect your area are summarized here. There is also a lot more information online at:

Unit signatures (logos)

First, there are new signatures (you might still think of them as “logos”) for all divisions, departments and centers across the College (and the entire University!) Don’t worry, they still use the stacked MU “bug” and an elegant font. The size and placement of the “bug” has changed slightly, and longer signatures will go to two lines. Find the link to our College’s logos online directly at We also have a link on MyCAFNR, if you are more used to finding yours there: If you do not see yours for some reason, or you need a different version, contact Michelle Enger, Only Mizzou Creative can create unit signatures going forward. Please use your new signature on all communication you do for your unit.

As part of the updated standards, it is now university-wide policy to not use acronyms in unit signatures. Mizzou Creative has given approval for very limited use of a version of the College’s signature that includes “CAFNR,” but its use is restricted to internal materials and swag only, and all uses must be approved in advance by CAFNR Communications. Please contact our office with any questions on that or to request permission to use the shortened signature (the file will not be widely available).


This change in unit signatures also affects business cards, letterhead, envelopes and other stationery. Mizzou Creative would like to emphasize that you do not need to throw out older items – please use them up and be good stewards of finances and resources! But, when you are ready to order new items, Printing Services will automatically send you the new designs when you order using their online form. You will be able to include Twitter handles, Facebook pages, and more, if applicable to your unit or position! See ordering information and more at


Mizzou’s official fonts are Janson and Gotham (for print). Proxima Nova replaces Gotham for digital materials. You may or may not have these fonts installed on your machine. You are welcome to purchase these fonts. Publications for external audiences need to use the approved fonts. For internal publications (including Powerpoint presentations, internal newsletters, memos, etc.), you may use Times New Roman as a substitute for Janson, Helvetica as a substitute for Gotham or Arial as a substitute for Proxima Nova. Contact us with any questions. Printing Services has these fonts and will use them on any projects you work on with them.

Promotional items

Promotional items, such as pens, ball caps, flash drives, tote bags, etc., must be ordered from licensed vendors. Please go directly through MU Licensing and Trademarks to figure out which companies are licensed vendors of official Mizzou items and whether your artwork meets Mizzou standards. Visit them on the web at or email them directly at The rules are slightly different for licensed items than for print or digital materials – a little more flexibility is allowed to account for color and space limitations and alternate marks (e.g. the Tiger head).

Social media

Social media has new guidelines as well – mostly including what should be used as profile and cover images. Genevieve Howard in our office has worked with many of you to make sure yours meet requirements. Contact her at if you haven’t yet or see the standards online at


There is no need to update permanent signage solely to reflect new identity standards (as with stationery). When you are ready, the MU Sign Shop or Printing Services can help with making sure your new signs are up to standards.

Personal websites

Another piece of the new guidelines focuses on the web. At the Division and department level, our office or your Division’s web office is handling guidelines and protocols. However, many of you might have personal, lab, center or other, smaller websites you oversee. The VH server (Division of IT departmental hosting) will be retired next summer (2016). As they phase out the current web environment completely, their goal is to have all of the sites moved over by July 2016. If you are a site owner/manager, this will be your responsibility. If you are ready to request an account for the new environment, please fill out the request form to get in the queue. This does not apply to the Bengal server (identified by ~pawprint in the web address: If you do not have the technical skills to move the site yourself, nor have a designated person on your staff who could do so, please contact MU DoIT Customer Service & Support Consulting at

It’s a lot of information, we know! Any questions at all about any of this, please do not hesitate to contact CAFNR Communications. To figure out who would be the best person for your particular question, visit our staff page at: Unifying the University of Missouri graphic identity is an important step in solidifying the University brand and we all have a role to play in a meaningful brand experience. Thank you for taking this step with us!