A New Tool for Agriculture

CAFNR iPhone app connects users to Mizzou

cafnr-app-icon-roundedSince its inception in 1870, the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources at the University of Missouri has provided the best for the people of the state. Now it is bringing the research and stories from its world-renowned scientists and researchers directly to your iPhone.

The new CAFNR smart phone app features stories, highlights events, showcases CAFNR’s Agricultural Research Centers and provides users a way to easily connect to the college’s social media accounts.

When the free app is opened, the latest news is the opening view. These articles are from the popular CAFNR News site. Here, stories about research, faculty and staff honors, academics and events from across the college are presented.

Find a story you like? Then share it via email, message, a Tweet or post it on Facebook by easily selecting the share button at the top right of the screen.

With a quick swipe of a finger, the user can access the navigation menu. Featured stories can be selected, which are the highlights from CAFNR News. The user also can access the different Agricultural Research Centers. Easily access the list of centers or add specific centers through My Centers by preference, location or manually from the list.

Upon selecting a center, a profile page features contact information, a link to the center’s website and access to the latest images from the center through CAFNR’s Flickr page.

Also under the navigation menu is easy access to CAFNR’s Facebook page and Twitter profile.

If this all sounds overwhelming, select the question mark icon in the navigation menu for a quick guide on how to use the app.

The CAFNR app is available on the Apple App Store by searching “CAFNR” or via http://bit.ly/cafnr-app.

For screenshots of the app, visit CAFNR’s Flickr Stream at http://bit.ly/CAFNRappPhotos.

cafnr app in use_0002