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Chris Lee wins MU Faculty Achievement Award in Diversity

Chris Lee.Chris Lee.

Chris Lee, assistant professor and undergraduate adviser in the Department of Biochemistry, was one of three faculty members awarded the 2014 MU Faculty Achievement Award in Diversity by the MU Division of Student Affairs.

As an adviser and professor, Lee has worked as a mentor to several students involved in the Express Program, which helps minority students succeed in science. He teaches three classes in biochemistry and two laboratory-based classes of applied biochemistry. He also coordinated an internship program associated with ABC labs, a private research organization based in Columbia.

This is an endowed award given annually to three faculty members whose work elevates diversity and inclusion on the MU campus.

Lee earned his Ph.D. in biological sciences from the University of Missouri. His doctoral research focused on understanding the different ways female and male portions of a plant interact to control reproduction in the genus Nicotiana.