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Livestock Judging Team finishes on good note

livestock judgingThe 2013 MU Livestock Judging Team just wrapped up its competitive year at the North American International Livestock Exposition in Louisville, Ky. The North American International Livestock Exposition is the national contest, as well as the final contest, for university livestock judgers.

The team competed in four categories: Oral reasons, swine evaluation, sheep evaluation and beef evaluation. The MU team included Abby Kautsch, senior in hospitality management; Samantha Whittaker, sophomore in agricultural economics; Austin Bailey, junior in agricultural education; Dylan Hamlin; senior in animal science; Chris Hudson, graduate student; and Kent Shikles, junior in agricultural education. The team finished 11th out of the 31 teams competing.

Team member Samantha Whittaker placed 8th overall as an individual. Whittaker scored eighth in oral reasons, 13th in swine reasons, 18th in sheep evaluations, and 24th in beef evaluations.

“Making the top 10 at Louisville is an amazing honor,” said David Kemp, animal science instructor. “What’s even rarer is to have an individual who is in the top tier in all four categories in the contest.  This year there were only two individuals in the top 25 in all four categories.”

Students who have interest in joining the MU Livestock Judging Team usually take Animal Science 2115 Livestock Evaluation during their fall semester.

“This class allows them to step lightly into livestock judging to see if they have what it takes to commit the incredible amount of time and effort it takes to be a member of the competitive team,” Kemp said.

The team attended 10 contests in 2013.