A Quality Win

Missouri Quality Beef Team recognized for integration of research, education, extension

The Missouri Quality Beef by the Numbers team was awarded the 2013 National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) Partnership Award for Mission Integration of Research, Education and Extension.

David PattersonDavid Patterson

The MU College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources nominated the team, consisting of David Patterson and Michael Smith (reproductive biologists); Jerry Taylor and Robert Schnabel (geneticists); Monty Kerley (ruminant nutritionist); D. Scott Brown and Joseph Parcell (agricultural economists); Scott Poock (veterinarian); and F. Duane Dailey (journalist). They were honored for outstanding achievement in promoting the improved production of beef through innovative integrated research, education and extension programs in reproduction, genetics and beef cattle management.

Jerry TaylorJerry Taylor

Quality Beef by the Numbers is a university and industry joint project to boost the supply of Choice and Prime grade beef produced in Missouri and neighboring states. The program utilizes the best genetics, production practices and management techniques to increase the percentage of cattle that grade at the two highest levels. Selling better beef will put more profits into the pockets of producers.

Robert Schnabel Robert Schnabel

“This award is a testament to the power of collaboration to meet the economic needs of agricultural stakeholders, in this case beef cattle producers,” said Marc Linit, CAFNR associate dean for research and extension. “The integration of research, teaching and extension across academic disciplines is a powerful approach to solving complex problems.”

All land-grant universities and cooperating institutions and organizations supported by NIFA were invited to submit nominations for the awards program. This program recognizes outstanding contributions, aligned with NIFA strategic goals, in support of the USDA mission. Awards recognize excellence in mission integrations of research, education and extension; multistate efforts; innovative programs and projects; effective and efficient use of resources; and program improvement through global engagement.

Michael SmithMichael Smith
Joseph Parcell Joseph Parcell

MU’s team, together with Missouri’s infrastructure in cow-calf production, total beef cow inventory, proximity to major feed yards and packing plants, and groundwork already laid from research and integrated projects funded by the NIFA-AFRI competitive grants program have positioned Missouri to serve as a national leader for developing technology-integration models for other states to follow.

NIFA recognizes outstanding achievements of its partners in the land-grant universities and other cooperating institutions and organizations. The Partnership Awards program was established in 2007 to recognize some of the best of these achievements.

Winning nominations were recognized at the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities annual meeting Nov. 10-12, in Washington, D.C.

Monty Kerley Monty Kerley
D. Scott Brown