Professional Recognition

Two professors receive Gold Chalk Award

Jerry Taylor, animal sciences, and Anna Henry, agricultural education, were honored with the MU Graduate Professional Council’s (GPC) annual Gold Chalk Award. Each year since 1988 the GPC has recognized professors who have made significant contributions to the education and training of graduate and professional students with the honors.

One professor is recognized from the Schools of Medicine and Law, the College of Veterinary Medicine, and from each of the Graduate School’s six academic divisions: Behavioral, Biological, Mathematical, Social, Physical Sciences and Humanities. Professors are nominated by currently enrolled graduate, professional students or student organizations.

Awards were presented at the annual Gold Chalk Award banquet April 23, 2012. The Gold Chalk Awards were open to all university faculty who have not won the award previously.

Henry is an associate professor and department chair of agricultural education in the Division of Applied Social Sciences (DASS).

“Dr. Henry is a rising star, leading through use of innovative approaches in the education field,” said Jill Findeis, division director of applied social sciences and professor of agricultural and applied economics. “It is great that her work has been recognized by MU’s Golden Chalk Award.”

Taylor is Curators’ Professor of Genetics and Animal Sciences and Wurdack Chair of Animal Genomics.

“It is very appropriate for Jerry Taylor to be recognized with a Gold Chalk Award,” said Bill Lamberson, director of the division of animal sciences . “He is an outstanding graduate mentor and has trained a remarkable proportion of the genomic brain trust nationwide.”