Adapting to Change

Climate Change Conference held June 6-8

Developing better ways to adapt to climate change is the theme of a conference June 6-8 at the University of Missouri.

This conference, Adapting to Climate Change:  Gaining the Advantage, is primarily funded by the Mizzou Advantage.  It will highlight policy options, research priorities, message distribution, infrastructure investment, business opportunities and education needs.

It will also review interdisciplinary projects happening through the Mizzou Advantage Initiatives:  Food for the Future, Media of the Future, One Health-One Medicine: The Convergence of Human and Animal Medicine, and Sustainable Energy.

Keynote speakers are James Buizer, deputy director for Climate Adaptation and International Development and Institute of the Environment at the University of Arizona, Paul Siegel, consultant to the World Bank, and Adam Parris, with the National Oceanography and Atmospheric Administration.

“Cost of the conference is $25.  Registration and further information at

CAFNR faculty and researchers participating are:

  • Pat Guinan, Extension assistant professor of climatology, Soil, Environmental and Atmospheric Sciences
  • Ray Massey, Extension professor, Agricultural and Applied Economics
  • Joe Zulovich, Extension assistant professor, Agricultural Systems Management
  • David Brune, professor, Agricultural Systems Management
  • Eric Aldrich, adjunct faculty, Soil, Environmental and Atmospheric Sciences
  • Tracy Greever-Rice, policy analyst, Office of Social and Economic Data Analysis
  • Wyatt Thompson, assistant professor, Agricultural and Applied Economics
  • Bob Broz, Extension assistant professor, Agricultural Extension
  • Thomas Johnson, the Frank Miller Professor of Agricultural and Applied Economics, Agricultural and Applied Economics
  • Steve Jeanetta, state specialist, Community Development Extension
  • Mary Hendrickson, Extension associate professor, Rural Sociology
  • Tony Lupo, chair, Soil, Environmental and Atmospheric Sciences
  • Jere Gilles, associate professor, Rural Sociology
  • Corinne Valdivia, associate professor, Agricultural and Applied Economics
  • Peter Scharf, professor, Plant Sciences