Breanne Brammer Selected into I-CAL Program

Breanne Brammer, a freshman in science and agricultural journalism, has been selected for the International Collegiate Agricultural Leadership (I-CAL) program. The two-week summer program will take Brammer to Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore where she will learn about global agriculture and international marketing.

Breanne Brammer

“I found out about I-CAL when I was selected as a delegate to the national Agriculture Future of America conference this fall,” Brammer said. “I-CAL is through an organization that I have been an avid participant in, the National FFA Organization. As a member of Mizzou FFA, I knew this would be an opportunity pursue my passion for traveling and global agriculture.”

I-CAL participants will get a feel for international agriculture by touring feed mills, open air feed and animal markets, livestock operations and food processing plants.

“I am honestly excited for every aspect of my trip to Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore,” Brammer said. “After seeing the pictures on the organization’s Facebook page I am just ready to be there. I enjoy flying to new destinations, photography, making new connections and learning about agriculture on a global scale. I am being given an opportunity to see a part of the world I had never dreamed of being able to travel to. One of the first items I invested in upon graduation (from high school) was a passport. I knew it was time to pursue my dreams of international travel.”

I-CAL is open to any to any college agriculture student from one of the 16 Consortium of Collegiate Agricultural Organizations. Each year 12 students from across the country are selected to participate in the program.

“I believe I-CAL will enhance my international experience and make me a more diverse candidate for impending internships and job opportunities,” Brammer said. “It is my desire to travel and promote the agriculture industry in my future career. My desire is to attend law school and become a lawyer specializing in agriculture and environmental law. Opportunities such as I-CAL will give me the foundation and experience necessary to have a diverse knowledge of international agriculture.

“I am proud to represent the National FFA Organization, CAFNR, the science and agricultural journalism program and Missouri agriculture through my position as an I-CAL delegate,” Brammer said.

I-CAL is sponsored by the National FFA Foundation’s Grains Foundation. More information on the program can be found here,