Susan Combs 2011 Regional Mizzou G.O.L.D. Award Recipient

Susan Combs, BS Hospitality Management ’01, was honored with the 2011 Regional Mizzou G.O.L.D. award.The award, given by the Mizzou Alumni Association, honors graduates of the last 10 years who have donated laudable time and talents on behalf of Mizzou. Combs currently resides in New York City where she owns her own insurance company. She contributes much of her success to her time at Mizzou in the Hospitality Management Program. Combs currently serves as chair of the MizzouNYC Chapter Athletics Committee, organizing the young professional football and softball teams, which regularly make the playoffs and win money for the chapter’s scholarship fund. By instituting a rule that to play on the Mizzou Alumni team, players must be MAA members, Combs single handedly fulfilled the chapter’s new member quota during the past few years. As a result, the chapter has seen increased attendance at its watch parties and other events.

In addition to her role on the chapter’s Athletics Committee, Combs has been instrumental in the coordination of several other chapter activities including the MizzouNYC bake sale, Big 12 Baseball Outing, and Central Park Picnic. According to one of her nominators, “Susan is, without question, one of Mizzou’s most dedicated volunteers.” Her organization, drive and innate ability to bring people together have improved the value of MizzouNYC and the Mizzou Alumni Association.