South Farm Showcase delights thousands

Jordan Foster, 1, searches for the perfect pumpkin. Free pumpkins were available for the first 1,000 families.

For the last five years, CAFNR has invited the public to South Farm Research Center for a day of science, discovery and fun for the whole family. This year more than 3,000 people attended the Showcase and experienced hay rides, negotiated corn and straw bale mazes and watched sawmill and wood chopping demonstrations. They also learned about Missouri’s diverse agricultural economy, gained an understanding of where their food comes from and the role South Farm Research Center plays in working toward global sustainability.

“There are different ways to measure success of these events,” said John Poehlmann, assistant director of the Missouri Agriculture Experiment Station. “Showcase ’11 seemed to hit the top of the ‘smile index.’  Our visitors left with smiles and the question of ‘September 22 next year, right?’  Equally important, I can’t say enough about our volunteers who put in long hours to make our visitors feel welcome and learn about agriculture and the science of life.  They too hit the top of the smile index,” Poehlmann said.