Back-to-Back Awards

Student and faculty member in Hospitality Management receive recognition at recent international conferences

Dr. Seonghee Cho, associate professor in Hospitality Management, received a “best paper” award for her research related to human resource management in the hotel industry.

Dr. Cho received the Best Paper Award at the International Council on Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Education (ICHRIE). A total of 200 papers were accepted to be presented at the conference. Dr. Cho’s paper, “Hotel Recruitment: Website Design, Aesthetics, Attitude toward Websites, and Applicant Attraction” was selected as one of the three best. The conference was held in Denver, Colo., in July.

ICHRIE is the largest academic conference devoted to the hospitality industry the United States. Founded in 1946, ICHRIE is the global advocate of hospitality and tourism education for schools, colleges and universities that offer programs in hotel and restaurant management, foodservice management and culinary arts. In recent years, ICHRIE’s focus has expanded and its mission statement has evolved, making it a marketplace to exchange information, ideas, research, products and services related to education, training and resource development for the hospitality and tourism industry, including food, lodging, recreation and travel services. Serving as the hospitality and tourism education network, the Council strives to unite educators, industry executives and associations.

CAFNR’s Hospitality Management program also received an award at the TOSOK Annual International Tourism Conference in Seoul, South Korea. A paper co-authored by Sung-Bum Kim, Ph.D. student, Dr. Dae-Young Kim, assistant professor in Hospitality Management, and Dr. Paul D. Bolls, MU PRIME Lab, received an Excellent Research Paper award for research related to tourism advertisements.Sung Bum Kim

Their paper, “An Experimental Investigation of Motivated Cognitive Processing of Advertisements For Tourism Destinations,” was selected from nearly 100 presented by hospitality and tourism management graduate students and faculty from around the world. The conference, held July 4-6 in Seoul, South Korea, was jointly organized by the Tourism Sciences Society of Korea (TOSOK) and Kyonggi University of South Korea.

Sung-Bum Kim’s paper was supervised by Dr. Dae-Young Kim, his adviser, and Dr. Bolls, associate professor of strategic communication at MU’s PRIME Lab. This study emphasized the effect of tourism advertising and introduces a new methodology to measure mental processing related to advertising approaches. The study found that audio ads that include a visual appear to lead people to invest more effort into committing the images to memory than do ads that just feature text with a visual.