Executive in Residence: Christine Cochran

The intricate commodity market became a little less confusing to students when Christine Cochran, president of Commodity Markets Council, came to CAFNR as the 38th Reich Executive-in-Residence April 12-13.Christine Cochran and Dr. Garten

During her visit, Cochran, who deals with commodity markets every day in her position, discussed those markets with students of Dr. Kevin Moore’s Agriculture Marketing Systems class. Aimee Gutshall, Agricultural Journalism junior, said she benefited greatly from Cochran’s experiences.

“Mrs. Cochran’s experiences as president of the Commodity Markets Council gave me great insight and background information,” Gutshall said.

Many students remarked that Cochran should be a teacher since she was able to explain the ins and outs of commodity markets and trading in a way that students could understand.

“Christine was very good at connecting with us,” said Samantha Wilkerson, Agribusiness Management senior. “She’s obviously very intelligent, but she could get down to our level.”

Cochran taught classes, had breakfasts with students and discussed hot issues in DC with faculty while she was here for her Executive-in-Residence visit. Sami Jo Freeman, Agricultural Journalism junior, said she enjoyed Christine’s visit to her leadership class.

Christine Cochran “Even though sometimes I feel like my generation is very obsessed with ‘leadership,’ she put a real life spin on it that most don’t get to hear,” Freeman said.

Cochran received her Bachelor’s of Science in Ag Economics from MU in 1998 and later received her juris doctorate from Georgetown University in Washington, DC. She has served as the president of Commodity Markets Council for seven years. Cochran, who grew up in Joplin, Mo., said she enjoyed returning to CAFNR and said she was touched to be asked to participate.

“I hope I have reminded CAFNR of a friend they have in Washington,” she said. “I look forward to discovering new opportunities for us to work together.”

This executive visit was even more special because Cochran’s family accompanied her to Missouri. The family toured MU’s Foremost Dairy Farm, and everyone had the chance to milk a cow, even her 19-month-old twins, Maggie and Callum. Christine’s husband, Todd, said that the dairy farm visit was definitely one of the highlights of the trip for the children.

“I think those calves made Maggie’s week,” he said.Christine Cochran Family

The Reich Executive-in-Residence Program was envisioned and endowed by the generosity of the Reich family. This one-on-one interaction offers a rare life experience for students and the Executive-in-Residence. The program, inaugurated in February 1997 by faculty and staff as a collaborative learning experience for students, takes place in an informal environment that allows participation to be spontaneous and infectious.

If you are interested in nominating someone to be an Executive-in-Residence, submit a nomination online by April 29, 2011, for consideration for the 2010-2011 school year.