CAFNR alumnus Devisch named baron

Noel R. DevischDuring a recent spring visit to the MU campus, Devisch finds his master's thesis on the book shelf

Noel R. Devisch was recently honored for his service to European farmers and rural residents. He was granted the title of baron by Belgian royal decree on April 21, 2007.

Devisch is a proud MU alumnus who stays in touch with his former professors and colleagues and has returned to MU to interact with students and faculty and share his knowledge and insights.

He has often been recognized by organizations and governments. He was previously honored with the prestigious French award of Chevalier de la Legion d’Honneur.

“Noel is one of the most influential agricultural leaders in Europe,” says Thomas L. Payne, vice chancellor and dean.

Associate Dean Paul Vaughn says, “It would be difficult to find an individual who has had a greater impact on world agriculture policy in recent years.”

Assistant Dean Ken Schneeberger says, “Noel has taken a good education and great personal intellect and mixed it with resolve and a dedication to make a difference … an effective, pragmatic, articulate public leader for agriculture and rural Europe.”

Devisch has served as president and CEO of Boerenbond, an organization of 250,000 members dedicated to serving farmers and the rural population of Belgium. Boerenbond combines a professional farm organization with a rural movement and cooperative business system.