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Students: Sample Phone Script for Requesting Mentor Information

  • Introduction.
    Establish rapport, common interests.

    Hello, Ms. Smith! I found your name and number in the CAFNR Connections career mentoring database. Like you, I am majoring in animal science with a passion for working with exotic animals. I was so excited to discover that you work at the Columbia Zoo.

  • Ask for time.
    (Everyone in the Connections database has volunteered to help you; however, make sure it is a convenient time for him or her to do so.)

    Have I reached you at a good time? (If the answer is "no," simply establish a plan to call back at a more convenient time.)

  • Know your objectives.
    How will this connection potentially help you? (In this case, the objective is to get advice on preparing for the career field.)

    First of all, thanks so much for agreeing to help through the Connections program. I know that zoological careers are quite competitive and want to do everything I can to build an impressive resume. I truly value the chance to receive advice from someone already in the field.

    What do you know about the mentor's company or career field already?
    (Be sure you've done a bit of research. Don't ask a question that the company home Web page answers!)

    I've looked at the Columbia Zoo Web site and see that quite a lot of research is being done in the areas of nutrition and reproduction. From your profile, I know that you are focused on reproduction. Can you give me a more specific idea of what you do and your current projects?

From here, the conversation will likely flow naturally. Have several questions ready.

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